Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum provides pupils with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens. It introduces pupils to the best that has been thought and said; and helps engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement. The content and curriculum is the core of any education process; it is the entire painted canvas of knowledge that encompasses every essential component in preparing a student for life. At Naimisharanya we conscientiously seek ways to enrich the curriculum through sport, cultural activities, social activities, arts & crafts and hobbies. 

The school follows its own curriculum based on the prescribed CBSE content from Class I – VIII. The Curriculum modalities ensure that each child has strong hold on fundamental concepts and develops acute critical thinking skills necessary in higher order learning. These critical thinking skills and life skills are integrated in Curriculum to ensure that students are aware about national and international issues. Undoubtedly the focus is on the overall development. The curriculum is characterised to instill in students the qualities of sincerity, endurance, integrity and honesty. 

For senior students the school offers the following courses of study in class XI & XII:

  • Science: Medical and Non Medical (Computers / Painting/ Physical Education/ Sanskrit)
  • Commerce

In addition to preparation for Board Examinations the curriculum is such that it endeavors to meet the wider needs and aspirations of all students. For this purpose, we offer 16+ academic disciplines in higher secondary classrooms. Our curriculum planning is proactively undertaken, in order to ensure that course work remains innovative to ensure that language and other disciplines are strongly inter linked. 
Throughout school life the curriculum comprises lays great emphasis on language and Effective Communication Skills, Analytical ability, acute awareness of history, Geographical Knowledge and Environmental Factors, enquiry and development scientific temperament and continuous development of the physical self. 

Naimisharanya caters to the pre-schooling needs of the students from 2 to 5 years of age. The objective is to enable energise and enhance childhood by fostering the growth of the mind, body and spirit, making students lifelong learners.

Field visits, audio visual aids and theme based activities give children real experiences and make learning interesting and enhance their physical and mental skills.

The Nursery and KG section here follow a specially designed curriculum; designed and redesigned by the school itself according to the needs of the children. In a nutshell for the pre-primary sections, we are independent of any private publisher. So we are able to focus on value education and behaviour orientation in these formative years.

For the Pre-Primary and Primary sections we follow CCE – Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation paradigm as specified by CBSE. We conduct two kinds of evaluation of the child-The Formative Evaluation and Summative Evaluation.

The Formative Assessment i.e. evaluation for learning to find out what is done and what needs to be done for each child. This is done by Daily class tests taken in the form of unit tests, open book tests, oral questioning, quizzes, by Projects for intensive and extensive learning, Activities like debates, group disc., Elocution, drawing Mind Maps, Flow charts etc. conducted in the class. All these, form part of the 4 Formative assessments that are taken every year as a part of CCE.

ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening) for languages is taken from nursery classes onwards, for which practise is given in the class regularly. Science and Maths are taught through application and practical knowledge. At the end of each term Summative Assessment which is an evaluation of learning is taken. Work Education and Life Skill classes are part of the child’s timetable where they learn to deal with life hands on.

Physical activities like skating and swimming form part of the curriculum. Games like tennis, kho-kho, basketball football, tennikoit, table tennis, judo are also pursued in the school.

Monthly we have class wise competitions to develop the socio cultural awareness of the children and to help them recognise their own talents. Some of the interesting activities we had last year were Treasure hunt, Out of the blues, Salad decoration, extempore skit, group dance, group song etc. for the higher classes and Rangoli, Quiz, Sudoku Ornament making with beads etc for lower classes.

Some special celebrations we have each year are- Vasant Panchami, Guru Purnima, Christmas, Uttarayan, Navratri, Teachers day, Environment Day etc. All these activities are meticulously planned well in advance and a microplanner is made available to the students and parents before every new session so that parents and students can plan their activities and schedules according to it. Similarly for the pre-primary children a calendar which can be stuck on the wall has been indigenously designed by the school marking out colour days, activity days etc.

All the functions are basically organised and stage managed by the children of higher standards under the expert guidance and watchful eyes of the teachers which teach them essential micro and macro management skills.