History of Naimisharnya

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The Origin of the Name " Naimisharanya "....

Once upon a time, when the world was under the evil influences, thoughts and deeds of the people were corrupted. This made some saints apprehensive and they approached Lord Brahma and demanded for a pious place, where there would be no fear of evil spirits, no grief of pain.

The Lord Brahma created a chakra, which was a Manomay Chakra and asked them to follow it and stop at the that place, where its jagged edges either become blunt or broke down, that would be the most pious place and center of knowledge, science and academic meditation. So the Saints did the same and in this way”Naimisharanya” was created.

“Naimisharanya” was such a pious, panoramic and blissful place where the exchange of knowledge, science and academic meditation took place continuously.

Thus the name “Naimisharanya” is embodied with the knowledge, wisdom and spirituality of our ancestors.